Cut the time and money spent on supplies by 25%

About Us

Lean Procurement® is the trademarked strategy that applies the principles of Lean manufacturing to the procurement process. It can dramatically reduce what is spent on a wide range of  products, in both time and money. And it supports your journey to Supply Chain Optimization by implementing a collaborative solution between your procurement team and your supplier.

While I have spent all of my career focused on helping customers streamline their procurement process for the wide range of business supplies the Lean Procurement strategy can apply to the purchase of almost any product or service.”

Kenn Fischburg

Lean Procurement is a registered trademark owned by the WB Mason Company




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What Our Customers Are Saying

As the manager of the warehouse, I admire the manner in which the CIC team manager works with us. There always seems to be an issue and opportunity to improve a ordering process, packaging, safety or a cleanup issue. The CIC manager takes a look, we discuss the issue and he brings back solutions we might never have found. It took a little time but CIC has earned a valuable place in my department.

Lincoln Thomas
Manager, Warehouse Operations

I could not be happier with the choice my company made to choose Consumers Interstate Corporation as our preferred office and janitorial supply vendor. The CIC team never pressured us to make decisions, they were very patient with us and the entire team bent over backwards to make everyone happy… They have a “will do” attitude instead of the typical “no, we can’t do that” attitude typical of similar providers. It is rare these days to find a team of individuals whom you really feel are working for the best outcome for your company. I truly feel we are in great hands and look forward to saving lots of money with them as our preferred office and janitorial supply vendor!

Anne Mayher
Corporate Travel Manager, Commodity Specialist
CIRCOR International

Consumers took the time and effort to really understand our business and the needs of our various departments. The process to order supplies became much easier and faster, and the process in accounting to approve the summary invoice was a huge time saving as well. Our business relationship with Consumers continues to grow as they have developed into an excellent vendor/partner for our company.

John Kilcoyne
Chief Financial Officer
International Packaging Corporation