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About Lean Procurement

Trademarked in 2005, Lean Procurement® is a trademarked service and supplemental option offered by Consumers Interstate Corporation, a nationwide distributor of industrial, safety, janitorial, packaging and office supplies.

Working conjointly with Lean Manufacturing and other CIC services, Lean Procurement® helps you optimize procurement processes, save time and control spending by streamlining your ordering, management and delivery of the supplies you need to keep operations running efficiently and productively.

Using Lean Procurement® helps businesses like yours:

  • Cut consumption of office supplies up to 40% while minimizing inventory
  • Minimize invoices and, received documents, account errors and redundancy in purchases
  • Eliminate an average of 65 process hours per month
  • Utilize easy online ordering to save employee time and effort
  • Control, manage and track spending against budgets with convenient online solutions
  • Generate usage and spending data 24/7 online to inform your accounts
  • Standardize product selection for the best products every time
  • Get nationwide delivery on thousands of supplies
  • Reduce overall supply costs by 25% or more

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Since 1947, CIC has guided businesses to achieve supply chain optimization and improve procurement efficiency. Learn more the industry benefits we offer and how CIC can effectively streamline the ordering process of your business, office and industrial supplies today.