A Lean Solution

An innovative online solution to reduce costs

It is a comprehensive solution that uses an innovative online strategy to help you reduce what you spend on thousands of industrial and office supplies, in time and money.

Most manufacturing companies and businesses simply have no idea and no control of the thousands of industrial and office supplies ordered every day. The Lean Procurement strategy consolidates your supplier base, helps reduce what you spend and brings you a streamlined solution for procuring these low value supplies, online.

  • Expertise in reducing what you spend on supplies, in time and money
  • Closely following the Lean Manufacturing principals
  • Consolidates: janitorial, safety, office, MRO, packaging, foodservice & cleanroom supplies
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Comprehensive online solution
  • Implement a more streamlined online procurement process
  • Eliminates wasted activities in your procurement of supplies
  • Introduces new innovative products that reduce costs
  • Lean Procurement strategy since 2005
  • Consolidates thousands of supplies into an efficient process

LeanProcurement® is a trademarked strategy.