Upcoming Lean Events in Norwich, CT

Lean 101 – The Basics (The principles of Lean Manufacturing)  March 23, 2017 – Norwich, CT Lean 102 – Lean Office (The basic principles of Lean office and Six sigma)  May 18, 2017 - Norwich, CT     Contact us for more information about our Lean Events      
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Silent Supervisor® Officially Trademarked

Great news everyone! In today’s mail we received the official registration certificate from the US Patent and Trademark Office for Silent Supervisor®.  Kenn Fischburg created Silent Supervisor in 2011 to help our customers reduce their annual spending on supplies by making their budget visible on More info, click here: Silent Supervisor®
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The Lean Procurement Strategy Overview

Lean Procurement® is the U.S. registered trademark of Consumers Interstate Corporation and their CEO, Kenn Fischburg. The Lean Procurement strategy was developed by Kenn Fischburg and his team in 2005 to help customers reduce what they spend in the procurement of supplies. Lean Procurement uses the principles of Lean thinking to eliminate waste in the procurement process. It also focuses on discovering the products that perform most effectively. The Lean Procurement strategy dramatically streamlines the…
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