Case Studies

Scapa Case Study

Scapa Group is a global supplier of bonding solutions and manufacturer of adhesive-based products for the Healthcare and Industrial markets.

Scapa’s Problem: Too much time was spent on managing small low value items including: janitorial, packaging, safety and office supplies . Scapa was ordering these products (313) from multiple suppliers and receiving multiple deliveries and invoices. That put a lot of pressure on the Scapa team. The overload of ordering put pressure on the buyers and receiving. The excessive amount of invoices took up a lot of time for the accounts payable department for these low value items. Stock outs were a nuisance.

CIC Solution: The Consumers Interstate (CIC) group implemented their Lean Procurement strategy. They did a full audit of the products currently used throughout the facility. There were 313 items actively purchased from multiple suppliers. The CIC organized all the items and created the unique list of products for all 8 departments. The departments could place their orders using the CIC website and the CIC manager took charge of ordering. The deliveries were consolidated to CIC. The ordering process became streamlined, the spending was controlled and a dramatic amount of time was given back to the procurement team and accounts payable. Now Scapa received just one invoice a month instead of 25 and had much more time to spend on more valuable activities.

Voice of the customer (VOC)

My procurement team no longer has to spend excessive time on these low value items. We depend on the CIC manager to keep the items in stock but more importantly bring innovative solutions for our problems. The CIC manager has become very much part of our procurement team. We actively collaborate and share common objectives with CIC. They in return devote their expertise towards helping us spend more time on more valuable activities. Their Lean Procurement strategy dramatically streamlined our procurement process online and end to end.
– Michelle Pare, C.P.M Scapa Buyer

As the manager of the warehouse, I admire the manner in which the CIC team manager works with us. There always seems to be an issue and opportunity to improve a ordering process, packaging, safety or a cleanup issue. The CIC manager takes a look, we discuss the issue and he brings back solutions we might never have found. It took a little time but CIC has earned a valuable place in my department.
– Lincoln Thomas, Manager, Warehouse Operations


Using the Lean Procurement program has helped our business run more smoothly, while reducing our cost on the supplies that we use on a daily basis. It’s reassuring to know that we have a vendor partner whose goal is to help find ways for us to operate more efficiently. Consumers Interstate has helped us free up time to focus on higher profile tasks and projects that will positively impact our bottom line.
– Joel Gibson, Purchasing Agent, Quality Coils, Inc.

In today’s world that demands a business doing more with the same, CIC has always been a team player helping find waste in our processes and eliminate this waste freeing up the resources in a way that provides value to our customers. The tools and training that CIC provides us has proven to be valuable. They are truly a great supplier to have working on your side.
– David DiCandia, Lean Enterprise Manager, Roto North America

When Consumers Interstate said their Priority Program would reduce non-value activity, streamline our procurement process and consolidate our supplier base – they meant it! Additionally they offer no-charge seminars relating to industry purchasing trends, safety and eBusiness – just another example of their many value-added services.
– Joe Cullen, Vice President / General Manager, Iseli – A Danaher Company

As Vice President, I know why Consumers Interstate approached me directly. This program affects and benefits every department within the organization and more importantly our bottom line. I quickly recognized the benefits and knew in order to successfully implement these changes, my support and involvement were needed. The Consumers reps worked closely with our employees to ensure the smoothest implementation. I wish there were more companies out there that operated like Consumers Interstate.
– Harry Racevicius, Executive Vice President, Naugatuck Glass

Joining Consumer Interstate Corporation’s Priority Program has been of tremendous benefit to our company. Recommendations made by CIC have enabled us to simplify the purchasing process for many of the items we buy on a regular basis. Web based ordering enables our employees to have control over the items they are responsible for purchasing and also allows management the ability to oversee orders, as well as have easy access to usage and spend information…In today’s business environment, finding tools or services that help simplify and improve the purchasing process are extremely valuable and I would highly recommend the services provided by Consumer Interstate Corporation.
– Carol R. Farrell, Purchasing Manager, King Industries, Inc.

CIC has been doing Vendor Managed Inventory for the majority of Radiall New Haven’s supplies for over six years. The amount of non-value added administration eliminated has been substantial. All the people we work with are nice and their communication effective and clear. They work to make the relationship a good one by seeking out ways to help. Even in the area of billing, they will work with accounting to ease the work of Accounts Receivable. They are always quick to respond to rush needs and at the same time easy to work with on returns. They suggest alternatives for price and quality if we propose a need. The Lean Procurement Strategy is a true value added service.
– Bill Neale, VP, Radiall New Haven