A pioneer in ecommerce

Lean Procurement strategy provides advanced expertise into the commercial marketplace.  Small, medium and large companies all receive the same online advantage. The Lean Procurement strategy can help all companies.

Developed in 2001, Kenn Fischburg was a pioneer in the industrial marketplace for ordering supplies online. He created a robust website designed for ordering repetitive high-velocity supplies. This evolved to be a comprehensive online procurement solution.

Ecommerce features

  • OfficeProductsSolution™a new way to buy
    Using our innovative online spending budget a company can reduce what they spend on office products 25%.
  • Control Center™brings control to the procurement of supplies
    This online solution enables customers to create and streamline their own procurement process for supplies.
  • SilentSupervisor®your online monthly spending budget
    This is our trademarked online spending budget to control and reduce what you spend on supplies.
  • Re-Order Forma buyer’s unique online product list
    A buyer ordering repetitive items on a weekly schedule need not be encumbered by searching through and seeing irrelevant products on their online list.

All features follow the principles of Lean focused on eliminating wasted time and reducing costs.