Intellectual Property

All directed towards customer solutions

Consolidation Principle – Since 1983, this principle recognized the competitive advantage to help customers buy more from one place. It reduced costs, eliminated paperwork, made it easier and saved time.

New Systems in Buying© – In 1985, this strategy focused on the buying process as a central element to reduce costs.

Revolutionizing the Buying Process® – all the principles and solutions are cutting edge developments focused on helping customers become more efficient in their procurement process.

OfficeProductsSolution® – In 2018, the USPTO awarded Kenn this trademark for streamlining the procurement of office supplies in order to reduce costs.

The US registration as recited in its US TM reg. No. 5,483,436 is for the use of OfficeProductsSolution in association with its services, namely: “Providing a website featuring on-line non-downloadable software that enables commercial, educational, institutional, governmental and residential users to define, monitor, display and constrain budgetary spending at the point of ordering in the field of industrial, office, janitorial and packaging products for the maintenance, repair and operation of the users’ facilities.”

The Priority Program® – In 1992, Kenn named the relationship that elevated a customer to the highest level in the company.

Lean Procurement® – In 2007, the USPTO awarded Kenn this trademark clearly identifying the strategy focusing on ‘common sense’ Lean principles. It eliminates wasted activities using an online solution to streamline the procurement of industrial and office supplies.

The US registration as recited in its US TM Reg. No. 3,522,538. is for the use of the LEAN PROCUREMENT trademark in association with its services, namely: “On-line non- downloadable software for use in database management, maintenance, inventory tracking and the ordering of goods specific to particular users, in the field of paper products and products for the maintenance and operation of office, commercial and industrial buildings.”

SilentSupervisor® – 2016, the USPTO awarded this trademark clearly identifying the innovative website feature that enabled online users to display and constrain budgetary spending right at the point of ordering industrial, office, janitorial and packaging supplies.

These trademarks are owned by the WB Mason Company