Our Mission

Help customers reduce what they spend on supplies, in time and money

The CIC team collaborates actively with customers to identify customer objectives and to create on innovative solutions. The CIC team holds themselves accountable for bringing cost savings initiatives to the customer. Streamlining the procurement process for supplies always results in dramatic cost reductions, in time and money.

Give Customers What They Want

When it comes to procuring thousands of MRO, industrial and office supplies, the last thing a customer wants is the product to be out-of-stock. You want a Lean Procurement process that is fast and efficient every day every time. You do not want to spend a lot of time on the category of low value supplies.

The Customer Service

No hassle smart customer service – Your contact at CIC will be friendly, upbeat and responsive to every call, all the time. No problem you have is too small or unimportant.

The CIC Environment

CIC has a courteous and professional business environment in which all employees exhibit respect for each other. We help each other take care of our customers.

The Corporate Philosophy

“Tomorrow Comes Today™” – We are always thinking about tomorrow, today and staying ahead of customer needs.

Since 1947, We’ve Delivered

We’ve worked out hundreds of Lean Procurement implementations.

  • Leaders in the distribution industry.
  • A pioneer in online technology.
  • Experts on staff to help your implementation.
  • Unique, cost free opportunity to reduce costs.

It’s our method to help you reduce costs.

A National Lean Procurement Expert Supplier

Most companies simply have no idea and no control of the thousands of business and office supplies ordered every day. Experts in distribution of these supplies, we consolidate, document and bring you a streamlined solution, for procuring thousands of low value supplies.

  • Pioneer in online procurement since 2001.
  • Consolidates thousands of supplies into an efficient process.
  • Lean manufacturing principals run through all strategies.
  • Personalized and long-term customer service.
  • Three generations of private ownership – since 1947 available to you.

Take advantage of over 70 years of experience.