The Author

Creator of the Lean Procurement Strategy


Kenn Fischburg is a pioneer in ecommerce procurement solutions. In 2001 he trademarked the phrase Revolutionizing the Buying Process and began the ecommerce journey.

In 2001 he developed the groundbreaking Internet Procurement Method™ for ordering supplies online using the innovative online solution, It included collecting a companies procurement data, consolidating their supply lists and implementing an easy reordering process, online

The trademarked Lean Procurement strategy launched in 2005, is an executive Supply Chain Optimization solution. It helps companies streamline their procurement process for a wide range of industrial and office supplies and dramatically reduces costs in time and money. The principles of Lean Manufacturing were applied to the procurement process.

In 2007, he developed at the request of Bob’s Furniture the innovative web feature; the “Silent Supervisor”, a dynamic online spending budget that helps companies dramatically reduce  spending and over-ordering, online.

His leading customer statement is “most suppliers want you to buy more, we help you spend less”.

Kenn developed multiple registered trademarks such as: Lean Procurement, The Priority Program, Tomorrow Comes Today, Silent Supervisor, Revolutionizing the Buying Process and

Kenn Fischburg was the sole stockholder of Consumers Interstate Corp, Norwich CT, the company his father founded in 1947.  He joined the business in 1971, and took over as President in 1982.  Kenn is a graduate of the University of Connecticut.  The company was sold to WB Mason on May 14, 2018.

The US registration is for the use of the LEAN PROCUREMENT trademark in association with its services, namely: “On-line non- downloadable software for use in database management, maintenance, inventory tracking and the ordering of goods specific to particular users, in the field of paper products and products for the maintenance and operation of office, commercial and industrial buildings,” as recited in its US TM Reg. No. 3,522,538.

Currently, Kenn works with the WB Mason team and is available to help introduce Lean Procurement to customers.