The Challenges

Get all the fish swimming in the same direction

Promoting the Culture of Lean Improvements is a good investment.

We understand the challenges facing your company. Transitioning to Lean is a culture change that starts at the top and trickles down through every department. The top executive has to support the improvement effort.

Implementing Lean principles can be daunting. However, implementing a total company philosophy of Lean establishes a direction of continuous improvements directed towards the highest competitive position in your market.

  • Start with ‘low hanging fruit’
  • Be realistic
  • Educate the employees about Lean
  • Announce the top-level executive commitment
  • Gain positive agreement from all participants
  • Eliminate negative hurdles and teammates that create trivial distractions
  • Kaizens, recommendations and a steady execution of the plan drive results

Obstacles to Implementing Lean

All the fish have to swim in the same direction. One resistant employee in a powerful position can destroy a total improvement plan. Changing negative team members is difficult. Eliminating them is even more difficult, yet necessary.

Implementing Lean Procurement for the low risk supplies is a good place to start. Although there is general resistance to change and questions that need answers, a good plan supported by the executive team will succeed. However, negative team members ‘swimming in the wrong direction’ reduce the odds for success and in many cases can foil the attempt all together.

Here are some general obstacles:

  • Old habits are hard to break
  • Time is not available
  • Expertise is focused on other projects
  • Who do you involve?
  • Some people don’t like or trust change
  • How to get everyone onboard?

The Lean Procurement team has the expertise to implement a new process for your organization.

Eliminate your computer for procuring repetitive supplies

Some companies require all purchases go through their computer ERP. Consider the procurement of low value supplies to be more efficient outside your ERP. Outsource the process to a more effective web based solution designed specifically for the procurement of thousands of repetitive industrial,

Some companies use SAP, Oracle and other ERP software solutions forcing the procurement of low value high velocity office and business supplies through their computer in the same way as inventoried raw materials and capital expenditures. This can be brutal and may be unnecessary.

Maintaining accurate data for all the low value repetitive office and industrial supplies in your ERP is practically impossible. The value is very low. Achieving the controls you need is accomplished by using the web-based solution created and used by thousands of companies since 2001,

The Lean Procurement web-based solution, was specifically created for the procurement of supplies and gives companies the security they need, the online spending controls are innovative and effective and the ordering process is immediate. The total procurement process becomes streamlined. Time is dramatically reduced just to place a simple order.

Technical obstacles are eliminated.