Value Stream Map

Clearly illustrates all the steps in your process

A value stream map of your current procurement process will help reduce the time your procurement team spends on these low value repetitive supplies by 50% or more.

Your current procurement process can be clearly illustrated using a value stream map. It is a vital step in the implementation of Lean Procurement. Once you know what your current process is you can fix it.

The value stream map is an illustration using symbols and arrows of every step, the activity, who does it and time associated with each in your procurement process. You will clearly see the steps that have no value and wasted time that can be eliminated.

Many different departments are involved and time is money. Purchasing and accounts payable are impacted the most. Freeing them up is a tremendous relief.

The Lean Procurement team will be trained to create the value stream map. It is one of the most important functions the team does for you.

  • Wasted activities are clearly visible.
  • Time spent is dramatically visible.
  • Employees are wasting time in a process with little value.

Kenn has been involved with creating hundreds of value stream maps of the procurement process for supplies. Not surprisingly, many companies have very similar procurement processes. Most improvements reduce time spent by 50% or more.

The Lean Procurement team, with management’s  input, creates a value stream map of your future procurement process.

Your future state will illustrate a dramatic reduction of the time spent by your procurement team. Redundant steps that have no value are eliminated. Better controls are installed. Accountability with clear statistics is available 24/7, online.

The purchasing team can now spend more time on activities that have more value.