The Lean Procurement Strategy Overview

Lean Procurement® is the U.S. registered trademark of Consumers Interstate Corporation and their CEO, Kenn Fischburg.

The Lean Procurement strategy was developed by Kenn Fischburg and his team in 2005 to help customers reduce what they spend in the procurement of supplies. Lean Procurement uses the principles of Lean thinking to eliminate waste in the procurement process. It also focuses on discovering the products that perform most effectively.

The Lean Procurement strategy dramatically streamlines the procurement process. Procurement process steps that have no value are eliminated end to end, from placing an order to paying the bill. Unnecessary steps in the procurement process are uncovered and eliminated. The Lean Procurement strategy reduces costs by saving time.

A Value Stream Map is used in the Lean Procurement strategy to illustrate all the steps and the time associated with each step in the procurement process. This Value Stream Map of the customer’s current state of procurement is created by the Consumers Interstate Corporation team and evaluated.

The Value Stream Map of the current procurement process is presented to the customer’s management. All the steps in the procurement process become clearly visible. Steps that have no value can be eliminated.

A new future state Lean Procurement process is developed by the team. The Consumers Interstate Corporation team creates the future state Value Stream Map. The new Lean Procurement process has fewer steps for procurement. The team evaluates the new improved procurement process Value Stream Map and approves the new process.

The Lean Procurement strategy can eliminate 50% of the time spent in the procurement process. Time is saved and steps are eliminated in the future state Lean Procurement process yet the necessary securities a company demands are still intact.

Implementing the Lean Procurement strategy can be a challenge. The Consumers Interstate Corporation team has implemented hundreds of Lean Procurement processes. They know the obstacles in streamlining a procurement process and have a plan to overcome negative influences.

The results of implementing a Lean Procurement process for procuring supplies can be over 50% time savings and 15% or more dollar cost savings for products.

The Consumers Interstate Corporation employees are certified to be experts in the Lean Procurement strategy. They understand the needs of a customer for saving time and improving their procurement process.

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