Streamline the Procurement Process

Learn how to create the Value Stream Map of your Procurement Process

A Value Stream Map of the current state of your procurement process clearly illustrates all the steps and time spent to procure your supplies. A typical procurement process for supplies has too many steps relative to their value.

Most companies have never paid attention to the procurement process for the low value repetitive industrial and office supplies. Their process may be the same as buying raw materials: overkill for low value supplies.

Each activity takes time and multiple departments are involved. Your Value Stream Map points out who is doing what and for how long. Wasted activities are clearly visible.

Your team will learn how to create, analyze and implement a new streamlined procurement process.

The awakening – your current state

The awakening is when you see 30-50 wasted steps in your current process that could be eliminated. The big hit is how much time your purchasing department and accounts payable department spend on these low value supplies.

The new future state process

The Lean Procurement team will develop and show you a new streamlined process, a future state with fewer steps and a faster method online. You’ll have online spending budgets, ordering controls, reduced paperwork and measureable accountability available online 24/7.

The Value Stream method can be applied to other processes in your office and workplace.