What Is Lean Procurement?

Lean procurement applies lean principles to the procurement process for supplies

Lean Procurement® is our trademarked strategy that helps a customer dramatically reduce what they spend on their industrial supplies, in time and money. It utilizes our innovative web technology on SuperSupplies.com designed by the team at Consumers Interstate Corp. This web solution streamlines your procurement process, reduces spending and provides measurable accountability.

The Lean Procurement strategy optimizes the total end-to-end procurement process for a wide range of industrial and office supplies using the same principles as Lean Manufacturing; eliminating wasted activities and making ordering efficient. Multiple departments feel the relief.

Lean Procurement is the registered trademark service of Consumers Interstate Corp since 2005.

Lean Procurement will reduce spending 25%

Lean Procurement can reduce spending on supplies by 25% or more. It focuses on two things: our innovative online spending budgets for each buyer and a cost effective product selection.

Consumers Interstate Corp’s Lean Procurement specialists collaborate with your management. They create the online spending budgets for each buyer that will dramatically constrain over ordering and they do the research to find more cost effective products.

Reports and online automation help keep buyers accountable and under budget. Also, scheduled executive business review meetings with our two teams keep us on track.

With Lean Procurement, you will spend much less next year than you spent the last year. We guarantee it.

Lean Procurement specialists collaborate with your team

At CIC, employees are trained to be Lean Procurement specialists. They are certified and understand Lean principles, Value Stream Mapping and how to collaborate with your team. They work with your management and your procurement teams to create the implementation plan to reduce what you spend.

Your objective becomes our objective.

Lean Procurement can save hundreds of wasted hours

The problem with procurement of industrial supplies is that simply too much time is spent on this low value category of products with very little control. In many cases, there are too many suppliers, too many invoices, little or no spending controls and very little accountability.

This category of industrial supplies cost less than 20% of raw materials but takes up over 80% of procurement time. Too much time is wasted on ordering, receiving and paying the bills. Time could be better spent on more valuable procurement activities.

Every year, companies waste thousands of man-hours with the inefficient procurement of thousands of low value, yet necessary industrial and office supplies. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Lean Procurement significantly streamlines the procurement process for supplies.

Your procurement team will have more time to spend on more valuable activities.

Lean Procurement helps many companies

The Lean Procurement strategy has helped hundreds of organizations unlock the power of Lean Manufacturing principals in their procurement process for MRO, industrial and office supplies. Whether you are a large multi-facility or small business, the Lean Procurement strategy can help you streamline the ordering process of supplies, reduce what you spend and achieve measurable accountability.

Our competitors want you to buy more. We help you spend less.