The low value repetitive supplies

The wide range of industrial and office products

The products categories that make up industrial and business supplies are: packaging, janitorial, safety, office and cleanroom supplies. The Lean Procurement team organizes this group and streamlines the procurement process, end to end.

Janitorial, office, safety, packaging, MRO, & breakroom products consist of thousands of important products you need to run your business. These are high velocity, repetitive and low value, yet necessary to your everyday. They take up a high percentage of your procurement time but a low percentage of the procurement value.

This category of supplies is a good group to optimize: consolidate, standardize and organize into an effective procurement process. They are a low risk group of products to build your lean culture.

Here are categories of the thousands of supplies:

Janitorial Cleaning and Sanitation Supplies

Cleaning chemicals and equipment, paper towels, toilet tissue, hand soap, feminine care, bathroom items, wipers, floor care products, maps, brooms, buckets, waste cans and liners, disinfectant, sanitizers.

Office Supplies

Binders and accessories, writing boards, bulletin boards, calculators, calendars, carts, custom-made stamps, writing instruments, art supplies, badges and accessories, paper, pens, pencils, markers, clips, calendars, file folders, shredders, scissors, computer accessories, printer supplies, audiovisual equipment.

Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Foam, bubble, poly bags, stretch film, tape, shipping room supplies, Kraft paper, tissue, strapping, machinery, tools, corrugated & board boxes, bags, Kimpack, Ranpak®, shrink film, peanuts, corrugated rolls & tubes, mail room supplies, scales, labels, packing list envelopes, mailing bags.

Safety & Security Supplies

Head, eye and ear protection, gloves, boots, garments, signs, respiratory masks and equipment, ergonomic and fall protection products, lock-out/tag-out systems and testing/monitoring equipment, sorbents, two-way radios, first aid kits, defibrillators, medicines.

Lean and MRO tools

Floor tape, signs, isle marking, hand tools, labeling systems, color coded cards.

Food Service Breakroom Supplies

Disposable cafeteria supplies, cups, plates, napkins, foil and PVC, storage containers, poly bags, restaurant supplies, coffee and beverages, tea, hot chocolate, decanters, coffee pots, coffee grinders and brewers, coffee stirrers, sugars and creamers.

Technology items

Cables, data storage, hubs, keyboards, mouse pads, mice, monitor filters, printer supplies, toner cartridges, printers, copiers, fax machines, projectors & screens, webcams & speakers, microphones.

Workplace Furniture

Desks, workstations, tables, file cabinets, chairs, ergonomic workstations, bookcases, storage shelves.

Forms and Printing

Continuous forms, single and multiple part forms, printed and blank labels, form/label combination sets, business cards, letterheads and envelopes, catalogs, brochures, presentation folders and custom printed invoices.

CIC consolidates these into one delivery and one invoice, dramatically reducing your costs.

The reality of MRO supplies

Maintenance, repair and operation items (including office, janitorial & safety) are necessary to operate your business but often, they are out of control.

Employees use a dizzying array of MRO items every day. Paper towels, toner, garbage bags, tools – thousands of consumables are constantly replaced. Time spent procuring these is lopsided compared to valuable raw materials.

The mission of the Lean Procurement strategy is to help companies reduce what they spend on their MRO and industrial supplies, in time and money.

The result is a streamlined procurement process, reduced spending and measurable accountability.