The Departmental Benefits

Multiple departments benefit

Lean Procurement gives your procurement team more time to spend on more valuable activities. Cost reduction can occur by lowering consumption, ordering the right products and eliminating wasted time. Implementing a new and improved process helps achieve overall cost reductions in process time and money spent. An excellent cultural shift occurs with the success of the implementation of your Lean Procurement process.

The Lean Procurement process affects multiple departments. The overall improvement gives your procurement team more time to spend on more valuable activities. The culture of improvement is stimulated.


Lean Procurement provides more time for the procurement team to spend on more valuable activities.

Implementing Lean Procurement for thousands of low value industrial and office supplies is a helpful step in the Supply Chain Optimization journey. Achieving optimization for this category of supplies is low risk for ‘low hanging fruit’. It sets up a culture of improvement and a strategy for optimization. It reduces costs in time and money.


Lean Procurement streamlines the accounting process and implements accountability.

Simplicity: That’s exactly what Lean Procurement provides to accounting supervisors. With summary invoicing, a clear spending budget, fixed pricing, and detailed usage reports, you reduce your paperwork, eliminate errors & redundancy, and lighten your workload.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Optimization is a key objective to remain competitive. Lean Procurement is a good start.

The large category of industrial and office supplies is a low risk area to optimize. The Lean Procurement strategy will streamline the procurement process for this group of products, reduce what you spend in time and money and implement accountability. Collaborating actively with the experienced team at CIC provides an innovative solution that is vital for success Supply Chain Optimization.

The CIC team has successfully implemented the Lean Procurement process hundreds of times.


Transition a new procurement process painlessly.

We understand how a fear of the unfamiliar creates inertia. Some employees can be resistant. However, a cultural shift at a company can be painless. With the Lean Procurement strategy we’re with you every step of the way, walking out the process with you. We’ve helped hundreds of companies, trained many people and understand you really don’t want to spend excessive time on this project.


Placing orders quickly at the right price and getting deliveries fast is most important.

When you are in charge of purchasing, a lot rests on your shoulders. Everyone is reliant on what you procure and not running out. Lean Procurement rests on an innovative online solution that will help your team place orders faster, more accurately and get deliveries on time.


The Lean Procurement strategy implements a method that dramatically reduces your invoicing paperwork and speeds up the reconciliation process.

Keeping track of a multitude of expense supply items and paying each little invoice can be a tremendous amount of work. But it doesn’t have to be. With our Lean Procurement process, up-to-date usage reports can be generated in seconds with your assigned G/L codes, eliminating the need for manual coding. And multiple invoices are reduced to just one a month, saving time in the reconciliation process.

End User

The Lean Procurement strategy dictated that the end users have the right product to do the best job, fastest.

Will you choose the product based on price, supplier preference or brand? What matters most is that you get the right product that does the best job, and you get it on time. The CIC team has over six decades of product expertise to help get your team what they need, economically.

Lean Champion

Put our Lean Procurement expertise in your corner and we’ll get it done together.

As someone promoting lean practices in your organization, one of your challenges is building advocacy. With our proven implementation and successful track record, we can help you win the support of management and team members.

The Lean Procurement strategy employees the principles of Lean Manufacturing and fits into your Supply Chain Optimization objective.