Lean Procurement Fits In

An integral part of supply chain optimization

Lean Procurement fits into the Supply Chain Optimization strategy.

The Lean Procurement strategy helps you on your journey towards Supply Chain Optimization. It specifically optimizes the procurement process of the wide range of industrial and office supplies and takes that brick off your load.

This category of industrial and office supplies is low value, high velocity products that are repetitive and very necessary to your operation. However, the time and paperwork associated with procuring these far outweighs the value.

Optimizing the procurement of this group of products gives your procurement team more time to spend on more valuable activities in your supply chain. This category is a low risk area to begin the optimization process.

You’ll receive a streamlined procurement process for supplies; reduced spending on ‘best fit’ supplies and measurable accountability that spending is under control.

Here’s where the Lean Procurement strategy fits into your Supply Chain house:



  • The Supply Chain is a connection of many links; suppliers, organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in the flow of goods from the point of origin to the customer.
  • Supply Chain optimization is the process of making the parts in the chain function as effectively as possible, aligning all goals towards customer service, productivity and profit.
  • The Lean Procurement strategy fits into Supply Chain Optimization by optimizing the procurement of the wide range of industrial and business supplies. This allows your procurement team to focus on more valuable activities in the supply chain.

Lean Procurement takes a brick off your load.