Outsource to a Supplier

Suppliers can bring a better solution

Outsourcing to innovative suppliers that have the expertise is an important strategy.

Collaboration and transparency with selected innovative suppliers is a primary strategy for the success of Supply Chain Optimization objectives. It makes sense to outsource to a supplier that has more expertise than you.

In many cases, the supplier will sit on your Kaizen team to help solve a problem for you. A good supplier can solve a company’s problems better and faster that your company’s team.

Additionally, the CIC team can introduce a more efficient time saving products. Savings can be from 5-60% when discovering a better product for the job.

The CIC Lean Procurement strategy is based on a comprehensive online solution. The innovative website designed by CIC is SuperSupplies.com is the procurement tool used to consolidate the procurement process, reduce spending and offer your team the data for accountability.

Reducing what you spend on supplies is the clear mission.

A National Lean Procurement Expert Supplier

Most companies simply have no idea and no control of the thousands of business and office supplies ordered every day. Experts in distribution of these supplies, we consolidate, document and bring you a streamlined solution, for procuring thousands of low value supplies.

  • Pioneer in online procurement since 2001.
  • Consolidates thousands of supplies into an efficient process.
  • Lean manufacturing principals run through all strategies.
  • Personalized and long-term customer service.
  • Three generations of private ownership – since 1947 available to you.

Take advantage of over 65 years of experience.